Game: MinecraftEdit

This is a Minecraft Showcase Map.

Version: 1.10.2Edit

The map is suitable for Minecraft 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 and every version after 1.10


This a map for mod showcases. The map has a Itemframe Room (for different recipes); Farming, Brewing, Enchanting and Smelthing Room; Mob Cages (so you can showcase the different mobs in the mods you are showcasing); Building Area (just a flat area in the middle of nowhere) and Mob Arena (if yoy want to fight the different mobs. There's also /tp Room (this is the room with command blocks). The map also uses barrier blocks.

2016-08-02 19.55.35

A part of the /tp Room

This is the room with the command blocks. In here you can teleport to the other rooms and you'll need to teleport here from them. For now 5/8 of the slots are used. I'll make more rooms in the future, if there is a need to.

2016-08-02 19.59.30

A good view of the Room.

FBES - Farming, Brewing, Enchanting and Smelthing Room. I think it's pretty obvious what you can do in this room.

2016-08-02 19.56.17

The Mob Cages

2016-08-05 12.23.25

The Mob Cages with visible barrier blocks

This is the place where you showcase the mobs. The cages work with barrier blocks. So when you spawn the mobs you can go in spectator mod (F3 + N) and showcase them. When you're done you can go back to creative (again F3 + N) and continue your video.

2016-08-02 19.55.20

The Arena

Here you can fight with the hostile mobs of the mod you're showcasing.

2016-08-02 19.55.41

The hallway with the itemframes.

In this room you can show the different recipes of the your mod. Above them there's another itemframe in which you can put the final product.

2016-08-02 19.56.30

The flat building area.

This is just a flat area in which you can build whatever you want.